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Meet the Team // Jenni Bruner // creative.

A Door Mural by Jenni Bruner, Camp Buehring, Kuwait :: 2007

Tell us about yourself. // The only girl of 4 siblings, I spent my early childhood in Colorado enjoying family dinners every Sunday with my HUGE Italian family. We followed our parents to Oklahoma in 1997 and I’ve been a local since. I met my husband, Chris, in high school and kept tabs during our deployments in the years following. We now have 3 boys, and they are sure to follow in the Bruner legacy. I have recently completed a Certificate in Interior Design via Clary Sage College, while serving my 10th year in the Oklahoma National Guard. I'm often found running, toting children to their activities, and spending my days creating awesomeness here at Adventure.

I am the happiest when I am creating, my perfect job allows me to do what makes me happy.
Jenni Bruner's Door Mural While Deployed to Camp Buehring, Kuwait - 2007

Jenni Bruner's Door Mural While Deployed to Camp Buehring, Kuwait - 2007

So, why Adventure Signs? //  I love to create, and I don’t like to be boxed in. I have tried everything from government desk jobs, to being a city mechanic, and I couldn’t find the right fit. I have always been into art, really any medium. I spent my high school days doodling on my assignments, notebooks, shoes, everything. When I was deployed with the Guard in 2007, I spent a lot of time improving my sketches. While there, I designed our motor pool challenge coins, and painted our company and battalion murals that still stand at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. I also deemed our plywood motor pool building a bit plain, and fancied it with random sketches. I am the happiest when I am creating, my perfect job allows me to do what makes me happy.

reLaunching the Next Adventure

It's been three months since my wife Kimberly and I officially took the reins at Adventure. There have been numerous sleepless nights, much blood sweat and tears poured into this transition. We've spend the nights and weekends renovating our new studio location, while maintaining our production workflow and giving it our best effort not to leave you without your sign needs. Now it's time to party.

   About 100 yards from the new studio location my grandfather started his own business journey as a Skelly bulk oil station in what is now Pixley's lumber yard. Until 5 years ago this month, I worked under him for the same oll company continuing to build his legacy for customer service, and great products. 

   When I left five years ago to pursue my own story, and sense of business curiosity, I took along with me all that he taught and blended it with the mindset Adventure Signs already had; be good to people. We began to build a company culture to accomplish that goal. Our heart is for the people and the community we live in, and championing the dreams of other business owners along side us. It truly is our passion, to do good work, for good people. 

   With that, Thank You, for helping us reLaunch the next adventure and get it off on the right foot. I am truly grateful for each person who has stopped by to lend a hand, an encouraging word, and a kick in the tail. I look forward to journeying with you, and creating some great stuff along the way. 

Talk Soon,