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The Team // Josh In-House Creative/Barista

Hello guys, W.C. Gnome here, our team is made up of people who truly love what they do and have a great time doing it. This passion leads to great relationships with our clients and even competition. We have a desire to be different from the rest and apply our skills in unique and creative ways. 

I sat down with Josh our in house creative and barista (he makes the best coffee in all the land) and asked him a few questions. 

"I seek to preserve that life of adventure and fearless imagination that I had as a young boy in the work I do today."

"I seek to preserve that life of adventure and fearless imagination that I had as a young boy in the work I do today."

Tell us about yourself

Born and raised in the Southern United States, the fresh air and rolling plains leave a longing for adventure in my soul. As a young boy, my days were filled climbing trees, adventuring through my neighborhood and living out of the dreams of my imagination. The kind of days that seemed to last forever, until the porch light came on and you felt your whole life was ahead of you. Now I live just outside Claremore with my wife and twin daughter and son.

So what exactly do you do here at Adventure?

My skill set ranges from logo concepts and full blown marketing strategies, to hand-drawn lettering and photography. 

Where do you get the inspiration?

I take bits of things - random ideas, scraps of paper, lines of music, scores of images, pieces of books, dreams I've had - and shape them into something new.  From creating branding plans to the best looking sign on the street; coffee to relationships; journals to blogs - but wherever I find myself, the chance to create something beautiful and simple is what drives me onward and upward.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I am always striving to keep my head up and capture the world that is passing everyone else by. Whether that is on a quick Instagram photo walk, or on the back of a mountain bike. I also spend a fair amount of time serving up handcrafted espresso drinks at parties, weddings, and such.

What is the one place you want to visit?

My next adventure score revolves around the 30 year milestone. Though the list of potential location candidates is still long, it is sure to involve getting out in the wilderness with a group of close friends and being in the moment. A few near the top are Colorado Trail, Portland/Seattle/Pacific Crest Trail, and the Chicago Basin near Durango.