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reLaunching the Next Adventure

It's been three months since my wife Kimberly and I officially took the reins at Adventure. There have been numerous sleepless nights, much blood sweat and tears poured into this transition. We've spend the nights and weekends renovating our new studio location, while maintaining our production workflow and giving it our best effort not to leave you without your sign needs. Now it's time to party.

   About 100 yards from the new studio location my grandfather started his own business journey as a Skelly bulk oil station in what is now Pixley's lumber yard. Until 5 years ago this month, I worked under him for the same oll company continuing to build his legacy for customer service, and great products. 

   When I left five years ago to pursue my own story, and sense of business curiosity, I took along with me all that he taught and blended it with the mindset Adventure Signs already had; be good to people. We began to build a company culture to accomplish that goal. Our heart is for the people and the community we live in, and championing the dreams of other business owners along side us. It truly is our passion, to do good work, for good people. 

   With that, Thank You, for helping us reLaunch the next adventure and get it off on the right foot. I am truly grateful for each person who has stopped by to lend a hand, an encouraging word, and a kick in the tail. I look forward to journeying with you, and creating some great stuff along the way. 

Talk Soon,

Retiring a Route 66 Relic

Retiring a Route 66 Relic

 It's a unique opportunity that a we get to affect a city skyline in a significant way, and we're honored to be asked to treat a Claremore icon with respect and regard in our own hometown. The owner is still considering the potential future for the unique sign. Due to its especially large size, and extremely fragile state historical preservation...

Building Things That Matter

Claremore's Recently Updated Gateway Signage

Home. It’s my kids running to greet me at the door. It's is the four walls I hang family pictures on. It’s the feeling I get after coming back into town from an extended trip. It's the people I run into at the donut shop. It’s the nod or finger wave I shoot you across the highway. It’s the sunsets down Main Street, and the stores I've frequented since I was a kid. Claremore is my city.

      It seems to reason because of that connection,  we come to expect certain rights and privileges as citizens.  After all, I pay taxes, I vote, I volunteer, I’m contributing to the betterment of society. Is my checklist of city improvements and suggestions really that big of an ask?

In short, yes. I believe so.

How does it affect my home if we sit back on our laurels and wait for city hall, and the courthouse to meet our needs?

    It’s not that a larger splash pad, an open air event, or a great set of trails is completely out of reach for a growing and developing town. Resources can, and I believe should be committed to learning, executing, and expanding into those areas to continue to better our community. The question I pose is what is the cost? Not merely in the sense of how many commas are we talking, but rather how does it affect my home if we sit back on our laurels and wait for city hall, and the courthouse to meet our needs?

    I am of the persuasion that home is a place that we commit to reaching goals together, combining efforts to build a better place to live.  City governments are for all intensive purposes service providers; lights, water, streets, sidewalks. There are bound to be things on my checklist of improvements which the City of Claremore won’t excel. Why should I place that expectation on them?

 A good friend of mine always told me, “the things that bother me the most are typically the areas that I have the most to offer.” What if I can find a way to offer something in which I excel in for the betterment of the community? David Schwartz said that “The success combination in business is: Do what you do better... and: do more of what you do.” So I find myself looking for opportunities to meet the city halfway. If the City is great at maintaining streets, let them not sacrifice that in the name of growing beyond their current ability too fast to meet my so called “rights and privileges.”

Claremore's previous gateway signage nearing the end of it's lifespan.

This is the thought behind one of Adventure Signs recent projects. The City of Claremore approached us with the challenge of repairing the sign structure in front of Pizza Hut more than a year and a half ago. With the commitments that the City was currently facing, repairing the sign was going to be a stretch with the budget they had to work within. Let’s face it, from an aesthetic and effectivity perspective; it had long exceeded its lifespan.

That’s when Mike Ward, owner of Adventure Signs, had the light bulb moment behind the CityPartner Sign (http://citypartnersign.com). The city isn’t great at maintaining a large sign asset, nor did they have the capitol available to make this a truly welcoming gateway sign as it was intended. We’re a sign company. We eat, sleep, and breathe great looking signs. What if we can collaborate with the City of Claremore for a win? And that’s exactly what we did.

We’re investing where there is a need, partnering with people and the City of Claremore to help them succeed.

     Adventure Signs was able to collaborate with the City in a public/private partnership to provide a great looking gateway sign to communicate upcoming events, and civic messages that reflects our community pride, and also allows local businesses to be featured as a hometown proud company.  We don't have to tell you that supporting hometown business isn't exactly big business. We're here to change that. You and I need to come together to help Claremore become great again.

     We're investing in Claremore to bring updated digital city signage and advertising space. We are partnering with businesses that are looking to promote their local image, and attract local patrons through digital advertising. Print ads can get stale, and can be costly to change. Digital changes are only an e-mail or phone call away. We strive to keep things simple, so that you can do what you do best; run your business.

     We're investing where there is a need, partnering with people and the City of Claremore to help them succeed. If you're trying to convey that you and your business too consider Claremore home, we would love to talk to you. 

#EmbracetheTrain // On Choosing Attitude...

So here I am, stopped at another train, and here’s my challenge to you. Upload a positive thought, with a photo or video with the hashtag #embracethetrain to instagram or facebook the next time you’re stopped.
— Instagram @brandon_irby

We live in Claremore. Claremore has trains. Lots of Trains. I recently heard as many as 80 trains per day pass through this everyday town. For those of you not familiar with our city, it is quartered by both Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific Rail lines, both rail lines meet in the center of town. With a population of around 18,500 you can imagine that there are a lot of interrupted schedules.

There has been a lot of train related  talk as of late, buzzing around the community. The topic mainly centers around frustration, bordering on anger at some moments. Granted, there are true concerns such as emergency vehicle crossings., and I in no way want to make light of those. However, a good friend of ours, Brandon Irby, began posing a question this week online that challenged my thinking, and resolved a lot of my thoughts on living in a town with a surplus of train interaction. 


What if instead of focusing on frustration and anger when at a train stop, we #embracethetrain and use the time to reflect, or think about the positive things in our lives that make us blessed? How would it change Claremore? How would it change you?

#embracethetrain decal.jpg

We couldn't help but admire the idea, so we're pitching in. If you would like to help spread the word and help those around us swing by the shop (502 S. Lang St. Claremore, OK 74017) and pick up a limited run of #embracethetrain bumper stickers. Just think. What would you're life be like if you simply chose to have a positive outlook on a situation that you cannot control, rather than feed frustration and anger.

Community Branding Takes More Than Script.

Community Branding Takes More Than Script.

Like many of you, the topic of community branding has been topic over a few cups of coffee the past few weeks at Adventure. I have been scrolling through several threads and comments on social media sites this week, and feel there is something missing in the conversation. Also, I note that some of the conversation seems to be stemmed out of a misunderstanding of what actually took place in the weeks leading up to the unveiling....