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Valentine from Afghanistan

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One year ago, we began brainstorming an idea to post simple Valentine messages on our digital sign for the impending holiday. Little did we know, we had stumbled onto an idea that would traverse over 7500 miles. 

“...it was a moment that caught us both off guard, it was truly special.”
— Airman David Steward

Valentines Day 2013, we began posting a series of Valentines from our Facebook followers to their special someone's, via the digital sign that sets high atop our offices here at Adventure Signs in Claremore. Among the requests that came in, we had one with seemingly more gravity than usual from a deployed airman. Local Claremore native David Steward, then deployed to Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan approached us online to get a message to his new bride in Claremore. Little did he know that his wife, Seire, was thinking of Valentine wishes on much the same scale. In fact, the exact same scale. Unknown to the other, they both approached us independently to write their own Valentine message to each other in lights. We couldn't help but oblige such an obvious opportunity to bridge the gap between them, even if for mere moments.

   On a day when a lot of couples spend lunch together, or a nice dinner enjoying each others company, this particular couple was orchestrating a way to have Seire drive by to notice the Valentine wishes. We were blessed to be a part of the moment. 

  For 8 seconds we were able to witness them in a genuine moment. As she read the words "I carry your heart with me -David" from her deployed husband she was overjoyed as she grabbed a quick picture with her phone. David later said, "...it was a moment that caught us both off guard, it was truly special."

Seire Steward seeing a Valentine message from her deployed husband, David.

Seire Steward seeing a Valentine message from her deployed husband, David.

We were so impressed with the Valentine response last year. We will once again be turning our sign into a proverbial love machine. Be sure to let someone special to you know how much you care this Valentines Day. To get your message in lights, all you have to do is tag your post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #lovemore2014 and we will take care of it. We will run messages through Valentines Day.


Signs of change for Claremore...


As some have undoubtedly noticed signs of change are in the air for the Claremore Expo sign in front of Pizza Hut. There have been trucks buzzing around and paint flying this past week as a long overdue facelift is in the works for the city announcement sign. Stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses, I hear Josh is maxing out the memory cards on this one.

This sign is just outside our front door and we have been wanting to do something with it for some time. We have partnered with the City of Claremore in our new CityPartner program, where we bring handsome city signage paired with up-to-date digital message centers to small to medium sized cities.

This partnership brings together strengths from both sides. The City of Claremore gets an updated sign to continue using to communicate to citizens area events, notifications, and announcements in large format, full color fashion, while still being able to focus on managing the city rather than sign maintenance, and updating. While Adventure gets the opportunity to clean up a sign that has needed a face lift for some time, and help feature local businesses who are looking to promote their hometown image.

We’re looking to invest where there is a need, to partner with people to help them succeed.

"…To manage projects like this can require substantial financial and staffing commitments that make them a hindering point for a lot of small to medium sized city governments. That is where we come in. Adventure Signs is passionate about partnering with people to provide creative, and effective signage. In fact our entire team is built around it. We're looking to invest where there is a need, to partner with people to help them succeed...that, and we hate ugly signs, no offense." 

The brand new sign update is slated to be finished by the Jan. 25-26th weekend.

If you are interested in featuring your local business, please feel free to drop us a line for ideas and all the dirty details, 918.344.7015, info@signsbyadventure.com

photo credit // @joshfroman