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The Intern - Christian Pinon

Meet the new intern. His name is Christian Pinon and he's a student at Rogers State University. He reached out to us and we invited him in, strapped him to a chair, and started asking him all sorts of questions (Ok so that probably didn't happen but this is what we found out).

Christian somewhere in London.

Christian somewhere in London.

So tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do?
Well I was born in a tiny island in the Caribbean, some of you may know it as, Puerto Rico. My senior year in high school my dad ended up getting a job in the Southeast Kansas area and we decided to all move and thats how I ended up in the area. I am now attending Rogers State University majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I also work as a shift supervisor at Pizza Hut here in Claremore. 

So does that mean that we get discounts? 
Haha, I may be able to pull some strings. 

What's the reason for joining the team? What you want to get out of the internship? 
Looking for the opportunity to work with creatives and gain experience and expertise in the field. I never worked in this field and this is something that I really enjoy but never had the chance to work for.

What's your favorite thing about design/marketing?
I would say the creative part. Design and marketing allows you to express yourself (to a certain extent). It allows you to interact with people and try to recreate what they have on their minds. Its sort of like a puzzle that you have to figure out within a certain amount of time. 

What would be your dream job?
I wouldn't say I have a specific "Dream Job" but what sounds really amazing is a balance between work, play and travel. Somewhere by the beach preferably. I don't wanna say I hate winter but I hate winter. 

What's your next big trip/adventure?
Ive been to 16 countries and counting. I usually take spring break or summer vacations and go somewhere new. The next big trip trip would be Tampa, FL this August to visit my parents. 

What you like to do in your spare time?
Whats that? Haha no Im usually working, going to school, working out or trying to figure out my next trip. I also like to ride bikes and skateboards. I just recently started reading, not that I have never read before, but Im actually enjoying it now. Just finished Jurassic Park (one of my favorite movies) and I gotta to say I loved it more than the movie. 

Last question, would you be willing to grow a beard for this job?
Haha, I would love to but unfortunately my other job won't let me. :( 

After several hours asking him everything we could think off we finally let him go. Christian will be helping us this summer here at Adventure and we are excited to have him here. 

He's pretty adventurous too. 

He's pretty adventurous too.