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Making a Local Buisness Whole After the Accident

Zoellner Exterminating's original service truck wrapped by Adventure Signs in 2013.

   When a tractor/trailer failed to see the traffic stopped in front of them, one of the worst calls any business owner can have became a reality.  "Darren, I've been in a wreck"...[phone goes silent]...a few moments later she calls again. "Darren, I've been in a wreck." (Repeated) Darren - "You just called and told us that, emergency services, and we are on our way."

   Any business owner that has trucks on the road knows that accidents are an inevitability. Their never fun, in fact they create quite the headache between client scheduling, and short handed equipment; not to mention the insurance dealings, never ending paperwork, and replacement issues. The worst part is the reality that a member of your team might in jeopardy, and someone's friend and family member may not be okay. Luckily, for Zoellner Exterminating that wasn't the case. Their field tech, Robbin, made it out safe and sound with only a few minor cuts, and injuries.

This truck is your best work yet. I loved my old truck, but this one is just....beautiful. Great job.
— Darren Gooch // Co-Owner Zoellner Exterminating

   We often pour many hours of sweat and dedication into projects like these. There is not a square inch of this vehicle we don't touch. With that in mind, seeing a former project look like a crumpled tin can on the turnpike does make my gut turn a bit, however seeing a fresh new version roll out the doors is quite the redemptive feeling. I can only imagine what being made whole means to the whole Zoellner team. As always, we're honored to play a small part.

Josh Froman

dad to twins. creative. entrepreneur. @adventure_signs. // @studiocoffeeco.