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What if I order the wrong material?

We're more than happy to guide you to a material that best matches your intended application. Generic material samples are always available at no charge for testing as well. 

Because orders are custom, refunds cannot be given once an order has been approved and produced.

Do you use my logo or build one?

We can work from where you are in the project. If you have ideas, or source material we can design you project to something similar, or if you would like to submit your own logos or designs we're happy to design using them as well.

What makes your banners better?

In today's market it can be tempting to build lightweight banners that are disposable. We've chosen to keep heavier 13oz material, and double-stitched sewn hems standard for durability.

How effective is lamination against fading and the elements?

Lamination is essential on outdoor printed graphics designed to last longer than 12 months. Not only does laminating allow for an additional 12-24 months of UV fade resistance, it also resists scratching of inks.

Do you still make, install, or repair awnings?

We made the decision to pare down some of our offerings in 2015 to focus on making products that best suited our skills, craft, & talents more excellent. Awnings wasn't one of them. Sorry.

What logo packages do you offer? What's included?

We offer several solutions for clients looking for logo & branding work. From a simple recreation, to complete rebrands. Get more details and check out our portfolio.

Can you print business cards, flyers, and paper products?

We like to print in Large Format. Small scale print projects are a completely different talent set, and craft. We'll leave it to the pros. We're more than happy to lend a design hand, but actual printing is better suited for a press printer.

What is the best way to install a decal?

It's more simple than you might think. Download the instructions.

What is the best way to install a banner?

We're glad you asked. No one likes a floppy banner. Hint - Tension is good. Watch this video.

Also, don't forget bungee cords!

Do you offer full vinyl wraps?

We love a good vinyl wrap. Partial, full, restyle, simple graphics, we don't discriminate. Get more info.



When will I be billed?

Upon project approval. We can only begin your project once we receive a deposit, which is 50% of the estimate unless otherwise negotiated prior to any exchange of currency.

What is your refund policy?

Because we are a custom manufacturer, a detailed construction drawing must be approved by the Client before we begin production. The only time we would process a refund is because we hate you and want to get you off our back.

How do you accept payment?

Cash, Company Check, Credit card, or Online Payment.

Do you offer discounts for owners with several locations?

We are always willing to negotiate on repeat projects if they allow for our production costs to be reduced.

Another sign company quoted a lower price for the same product. Can you match it?

We can try, but the reality is that it's not the same product. Also, the prices we estimate are usually the lowest we can go, given the attention-to-detail our standard of excellence require.


What files will you need from me?

All projects are different, but we will most commonly need: digital artwork (if already designed) and building elevations/plans. Logos should be supplied as vector art. Download our artwork guidelines.

What is vector art?

If your logo or artwork was design by a professional graphic designer, you should have received it in one of the following formats:. pdf, eps, ai. If you don't have access to any of these, we may be able to rebuild it as vector art for a fee.

Common formats that are not vector are:jpg, tiff, psd, png, gif.

Will you send an art approval drawing?

Yes, once initial project details are hashed out, and artwork/production deposits have been submitted. Our designers will build mockup(s), and/or proof(s) and submit them via email to ensure that we on the same page before we start production.

How long does the design process take?

Because of the nature of custom design, many variables can determine the length of the process. 

What if I don't like what you design?

This is all part of the design process, and why we encourage constructive feedback and direction. No two minds are alike, but as professional designers, our objective is to take into account and advise on best use of sign style, audience, legibility, branding, color, balance, production limits & many more variables that may not be relevant to the untrained eye.

What is your policy on artwork revisions?

We encourage our clients to give any feedback or direction they see fit. Without regulating this process however, projects can be delayed significantly and often unnecessarily. We will allow 3 revisions before additional fees are applied.

How will you include me in the design process?

It's your project and we will include you as much as you like. Given the complexities of fabrication however, most of our clients will rely on our expertise when making the tough decisions.

Can't you just use our logo or photos from our website?

Generally, images used on a web page are 72 dpi. They are so low in resolution to help speed the loading of a page on a computer. Industry standards say to use twice the resolution as the line tone being printed. Since screen print is done at 100 line tone we need scanned digital images at 200 dpi resolution. Flexo and letterpress items are printed at 150 and 133 line tones so we would need images at 300 resolution. There are places online to purchase high resolution files or a high resolution image can be placed on a web page for use by others. It will just not copy or load as fast.


Will I own the rights to the creative you come up with?

Yes. We will release all intellectual property rights once payment is made in full and we have been notified of your intentions for the use of the artwork.

What if my piece is damaged in transit?

All of our shipping is carried out by professionals and insured for the full cost of the item. In the unlikely event of damage or loss, we will rebuild it as a priority project.

Do you provide follow-up maintenance and/or repair?

We will recommend a local company to carry out maintenance and repair if necessary.

Expedited Service

A Rush Fee is required to expedite an order to ship in less than normal production time. Let us know if rush is needed to discuss time requirements and our ability to meet them given current production conditions.


Do you accept any fabrication projects other than signage?

Yes. We specialize in signage, but as designers and fabricators, we get excited about creating in general. We occasionally take on commissions selectively.

What is your typical lead time?

Because of the nature of custom fabrication, many variables can determine the production time. However, we try to give good faith estimates with each project.

How will my order be delivered?

On a horse.

Would you recommend LED's or Fluorescent?

These days LED technology is far more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent or neon. In recent years we have seen traditional lighting become more expensive than LED for new builds. If you're interested in converting an existing sign, get more info.

Can you recommend the best type of sign?

Absolutely, that's what we do best! Here's a jump start in the right direction.

Can you expedite my project's production?

In most cases, yes. Depending on our current priority capacity, you can jump the queue for an additional fee. This will only mark your project as priority in order over others. It does not mean that we will rush the fabrication, or do anything that may compromise the quality of the product.

Can you supply material samples?

Generic material samples are always available at no charge for testing. Because of the wide variety of uses of our materials, we would like to ensure that the right product or material is used for a particular application. Identifying how the product will be used or what the decal will be applied to will help determine what material is best suited for that application.

Color matched, paint matched, or finished examples are available for a fee.


Who is in charge of pulling a permit for my sign?

This can vary depending on the type of project, but in most cases it's simply easier for us to work in partnership with a local code or planning dept. to coordinate permitting. For out of town installs, we will work with a local sign company to ensure your sign has the appropriate permit before we begin production. Fees vary from region to region.

Do you do installations out of state?

We will work in partnership with a local company to carry out permitting & installation.



Do you ever collaborate with other designers?

Absolutely. We love sharing the creative process with other designers and creating relationships with other people in the creative world.  

If I already have a design, will you fabricate it for me?

Yes! As much as we love all design opportunities we are also fabricators who appreciate other people's design work. This being said, we will still guide you in the process to make sure that your intended use of materials and design is properly translated into a physical product.

Do I need to be from a particular industry to work with you?

We don't discriminate.