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General Terms & Conditions ::

    Any and all transactions between Adventure Signs LLC and its clients are subject to these terms and conditions. Materials shall be paid in advance and prior to commencement of any work unless otherwise negotiated upfront.

    Payment forms include cash, company check, money order, and credit card. Final payments shall be due for each project within ten (10) days of installation and completion.

    In the event of delinquent payments, the client shall be charged a rate of 1.5% per month. Client agrees to pay all costs of collection in the event of default of payment by client, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. Venue for any dispute regarding the enforcement of this agreement shall be Rogers County, Claremore, Oklahoma.

    All invoices and agreements are subject to the accompanying General Terms and Conditions.

General Project & Service Pricing ::

Minimums for Custom Orders
     :: Subject to a $40 minimum purchase.

Projects greater than $500
     :: Subject to a $200 Artwork, Design, Layout Deposit to be applied towards the final invoice.

Projects greater than $1000
     :: Subject to a $200 Artwork, Design, Layout Deposit to be applied towards the final invoice.
     :: Require a 50% manufacturing deposit prior to starting production.  
     :: Balance of the final invoice to be paid upon completion of the project scope at time of installation.

Artwork & Design Rate
     :: Billed at $60 per hour

Shop Labor Rate
     :: Billed at $50 per hour

Truck Rate :: Lift/Bucket Truck or Crane Truck
     :: Billed at $105 per hour; 2 hour minimum including travel time both directions.

Truck Rate :: Lift/Bucket Truck + Crane Truck
     :: Billed at $315 per hour; 2 hour minimum including travel time both directions.

Sign Service Rate :: Mechanical & Electrical Repairs
     :: Billed at $105 per hour; 2 hour minimum including travel time both directions. Materials billed as consumed or installed to complete repairs.

Online Webstore & Online Payments ::
    Webstore payments are due in advance, unless other arrangements have been made prior to placing an order. Online Payments of deposits, invoices, charges, fees, or taxes may be subject to a processing delay before being applied to the corresponding account. Client is responsible for any late fees or project delays incurred due to processing delays.

Estimates & Taxes ::
    Estimates are good faith estimates based on initial project specifications, information provided, and current material costs. Pricing and schedule are subject to change upon receipt of artwork and approval of estimate. Pricing is good for 30 days from the date of the quote and does not include packaging or shipping charges unless specified. Estimates are contingent upon strikes, accidents, fire, availability of materials and all other causes beyond our control.

    The client order is subject to applicable state and local taxes unless we have a Government Sales Tax Use and Exemption form completely filled out denoting that said corporation or individual is exempt from sales tax. Appropriate taxes will be applied to outstanding invoices until we receive this document.


Workmanship ::
    Adventure Signs LLC will make every effort to provide the highest quality that  equipment & skills are capable of producing. Adventure Signs LLC follows Industry Standards. Due to variations that can occur during production, we are not held responsible for those issues which fall within the normal range of acceptable variations, according to trade practices. These variations may include but are not limited to: color variations, offset smudges, picking, cutting, size discrepancies etc. (Refer to the Printers Industry Standards)

Materials & Processes ::
    Adventure Signs LLC will consult with the client to determine the substrate, vinyl, materials, and process that will best suit the needs and conditions set forth in the scope of the project. Ultimately, the client accepts full responsibility for determining if said purchased item will perform to their requirements on the materials with which they are constructed.

Scope Creep ::
    The client agrees that any additional labor or materials not specifically set forth in the initial project scope, or estimate, whether written or verbal (“scope creep”) are additional fees for labor and/or material.  These items shall be billed additionally and charged by Adventure Signs LLC at its regular prices accordingly. These charges may include, but are not limited to, hourly rates for shop labor ($60.00/hour), truck services ($105.00/hr; 2hr minimum) and/or costs for goods and materials at costs plus.

        The client agrees that it shall pay for all extras billed and charged by Adventure Signs LLC within days (10) of invoice and subject to a late charge of 1.5% of the total invoice per month until balance is paid.

Generated Artwork & Proofing ::
    All artwork created by Adventure Signs LLC will be submitted to client via a digital proof for approval. Prior to any printing all digital proofs must be approved by initial, or electronic approval. Adventure Signs LLC will not accept responsibility for typographical errors, spelling errors, grammar, punctuation, graphics, fonts or content. Adventure Signs LLC cannot be held responsible for matching colors or ink densities on electronic PDF or JPEG proofs approved by clients. PDF or JPEG proofs can be used to help display layout, text accuracy, and image placement and proportion, but not color or ink density. If proof is waived, we will not send you an electronic proof. However, to ensure that you will get the highest quality print, if there is a problem with the artwork you submitted such as, low resolution images used, invalid file format, we will inform you via email within 1 business day. Adventure Signs LLC is not responsible for project delays on submitted files that are not to our specs.

Image Resolution ::
    It is the responsibility of the client to provide, or purchase quality, high resolution images for large format printing. Adventure Signs LLC will not be held responsible for low resolution images provided by the client for printing.

Production Ready Artwork ::
    Adventure Signs LLC will not accept responsibility for typographical errors, spelling errors, grammar, punctuation, graphics, fonts or content in regards to any and all artwork submitted by the client to Adventure Signs LLC. It is assumed that all artwork submitted by the client has been approved by client prior to submission and is production ready.

Handling of Artwork Files ::
    Client supplied print-ready files will be archived for 30 days from the invoice date. If Adventure Signs LLC creates the artwork for the client, we will keep the files for one (1) year. You can request a copy of the original artwork for reproduction purposes at a rate of $60. Files must be requested within 30 days of invoice date, after 30 days files may be removed from our server and archived. We reserve the right to delete files from inactive clients.

Ownership of Artwork ::
    All artwork, design, & layout services provided by Adventure Signs LLC under this Agreement shall be for the exclusive use of the client. All original artwork/files created by Adventure Signs LLC or parts contained therein, whether preliminary concepts or final visual presentation remains the property of the Adventure Signs LLC and may not be used by the client without the written permission of Adventure Signs LLC.

    Adventure Signs LLC retains the right to use photos/images of the completed project and any preliminary designs for the purpose of design competitions, future publications on design, educational purposes, marketing materials, online posting and physical portfolio. Where applicable the client and/or collaborating designers will be given any necessary credit for usage of the project elements.

Trademarks & Copyrights ::
      Reproduction of copyrighted materials in any form without prior permission of the originator is illegal. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain said permission. Adventure Signs LLC is in no way responsible for obtaining permission and assumes that the client has obtained permission before the work is submitted. When Adventure Signs LLC receives original logos or art we will not modify the color or design, which could cause unacceptable errors.

Additional File Setup, Design Charges & Color Matching ::
    If the client’s files exceed the determined file setup rate included in price of project, charges will be based on a rate of $60/hour with a 1 hour minimum and billed in 15 minute increments after the minimum is met. The client will be notified of this charge prior to work being started and we require client authorization before proceeding.

     Color matching charges are $85. Due to the nature of digital printing and paint mixing, we cannot match PMS colors exactly and give no guarantees to exact color matches. For the $85 charge, we will provide a press match swatch on the substrate chosen for the client’s project, and once approved, print within 10% match to that swatch.

Turnaround Time & Production ::
    The start time (“turnaround”) of any project does not begin until ALL support files, estimate approvals, artwork approvals, and items related to completion of the project are in house. When a client approves project artwork, the client accepts responsibility for credit and billing terms. Most Jobs submitted by 10AM CST (Central Standard Time) that meet our digital file guidelines and include full payment will be printed within the stated turnaround time depending on the type of work. Business days are Monday to Friday and do not include weekends or holidays. Orders submitted on Saturday, Sunday or holidays will begin on the next business day. Adventure Signs LLC is not responsible for delays caused by delivery carriers or any damages resulting from the failure to receive a job on time. Orders may not be ready on time due to unforeseen circumstances such as breakdown of equipment, power outages, etc. Therefore turnaround times are not guaranteed.

On-Site Installation Delays & Downtime ::
    Adventure Signs LLC cannot control weather conditions which may result in delays with installation. As such, additional labor and/or travel costs may be incurred which are to be paid by client. We reserve the right to determine the point at which weather conditions become too adverse to continue work.

    In the event that an on-site installation is delayed for adverse conditions any and all down time will be billed at $60/hour, or the installation will be postponed and rescheduled at the next available opportunity. All clients specified installation locations will be subject to approval based on physical location, weather, and availability. Any and/or all aspects of client installation location that do not meet 3M’s warranty standards will be subject to a loss of warranty of product and installation. All on-site installations will be documented on a 3M approved warranty sheet.

Installation Cancellations ::
     Installation Cancellations within 3 business days are subject to a $250 downtime fee. Rescheduled appointments are subject the next available installation date.

Right to Sub-contract ::
     Adventure Signs LLC reserves the right to subcontract or assign any portion of a project to another company or qualified individual.


Vinyl & Film Graphics ::
     Vinyl & Film Graphics are meant to degrade from the day they are manufactured. Below are standard expected lifespan durations.

Expected Life::
Intermediate/Calendared Vinyl Graphics :: Three (3) Years
High Performance/Cast Vinyl Graphics :: Five (5) – Seven (7) Years
Reflective Vinyl :: Three (3) Years
Translucent Vinyl :: Seven (7) Years
Banner :: Six (6) – Twelve (12) Months

Refunds ::
    All custom produced goods & services are non-refundable. Once a project has been produced, delivered, and/or installed, all contracts are final and no monetary refunds can be issued. In the event that the client fails to pay their invoice in full, the client irrevocably authorizes Adventure Signs LLC to remove the supplied project from service.


Privacy Statement ::
     Adventure Signs LLC will not share or sell any information that has been gathered during order processing with anyone. We use our client information in house, for the sole purpose of order fulfillment.

Indemnity by Client ::
    Clients agree to indemnify and hold Adventure Signs LLC, its parent and affiliate companies, subcontractors and employees harmless from any and all claims, causes of action or damages caused by client and/or its agents or subcontractors including reimbursement of reasonable attorney fees and costs.

Severability ::
    In the event any portion of a provision of this agreement is deemed to be invalid or unlawful, the remainder of such provision and all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect and binding upon the parties.

Counterparts ::
    This agreement may be signed in any number of counterparts including by way of facsimile and all of which shall be deemed an original and one in the same.

Integration & Amendments::
     This agreement constitutes the full and final understanding of the parties. The parties agree that there are no other agreements or understandings by and between them except as reflected and memorialized in this agreement and that they are not relying upon any other oral statement or understanding outside of this agreement to enter into same. This agreement cannot be modified or amended unless agreed to in a writing signed by the parties.

     All services provided by the Adventure Signs LLC are subject to these terms and conditions. By requesting Adventure Signs LLC to perform services and produce products for you, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions without modification. Clients are responsible for reviewing our terms and conditions prior to submitting request for work.

Effective Date: Jan. 1, 2018 | Last Revised: Jan. 11, 2018




Sign Inspections ::
     After your sign has been installed, regular inspections should be performed by qualified service personnel for defects in structure, mounts, paints & coatings, face condition & fading, electrical components & burned out lamps, bulbs, and led modules (where applicable).

Washing ::

Normal Washing Instructions ::
Your sign can be washed much like an automobile. It is best to wash your sign on a cloudy day, or out of direct sunlight.  Follow these basic instructions –
     a :: shut off power to the sign
     b :: use a soft damp microfiber cloth or soft bristle brush.  High pressure is not recommended.
     c :: water the entire surface from the top of the sign down, to rinse loose dirt and bird droppings. (CAUTION: There may be vents on the sides of the cabinet and weep holes in the bottom that should not have water actively forced inside.)
     d :: use mild detergent, or dish soap. Do not use harsh chemicals to protect face coatings, and ink life spans.
     e :: wash the top of the sign first, then work all sides down, rinsing thoroughly before the detergent dries.
     f :: dry the surface with a microfiber towel before the water dries to eliminate harsh water spots.

Note: occasionally the inside of the face(s) may need to be cleaned with the same process.

Daytime Self Inspections ::
     Perform periodic daytime inspections of your signage for any loose metal, or plastic, including points of attachment (mounts) and exterior electrical connections. You should also continually monitor fading of graphics and legibility. Below is a guide for graphic fade and expected life spans. Anything out of the ordinary should be reported. Let us know.

Night Self Inspections (For Lighted Signs) ::
     Perform periodic night inspections to look for any dim areas of lighting. Your sign can be equipped with varying lighting configurations, and can be difficult to diagnose. If your sign is showing dim areas a service call is needed to repair the lighting issue. Book one now.

     This is also a prime opportunity to check that photocells (if equipped) are signaling for power at dusk, and/or that timer boxes are set to the correct time of day, on-time, and off-time. See how to change your timer here.

     In cold temperatures, your sign may appear more dim than normal, or may “flicker” for a few moments, or take longer than usual to come to full illumination. This is normal.

High Winds & Face Blow-Outs ::
     In the event of extremely high winds, an inspection should be performed immediately afterward to check points of attachment and any fatigue.

     In the event of a face “blow-out”, a replacement should be installed as soon as possible to minimize water entry into the sign body. Power (where applicable) should also be disconnected to help prevent further damage to the electrical system within the sign.

 WARNING - Electrical sign cabinets should never be drilled into. Drilling into a sign cabinet body will void the warranty. If a temporary banner or tarp is installed onto your sign, use only rope to secure. It is the customer’s responsibility to supply proper power to the sign at all times.  Signs are required to be on their own dedicated circuit with no other electrical appliance or device attached on the same circuit.  Adventure Signs LLC. can not warranty a sign on a defective circuit.


     Twelve (12) month warranty on parts, and labor from date of installation; exceptions include vandalism, acts of god, or negligence. All warranties void for non-payment.

Electrical Components – including but not limited to ballasts, bulbs, lamps led modules, photocells power supplies, timers, transformers - Specific Manufacturer Warranty Only


Complete Reconditioning (All Components Replaced In Used Structure) ::
     Ninety (90) Day Warranty - Parts & Labor

Partial Reconditioning & Basic Repairs (Some; not all components replaced) ::
     Issues must be reported within seventy-two (72) hours of initial service completion. When reported within 72 hours, faulty parts listed in the original service invoice will be replaced or repaired at our discretion at no cost for parts or labor.

     Further, additional, or non-related symptoms/problems will be diagnosed, and repaired in subsequent visits at normal truck rate(s) + additional costs for parts used. ($105/hr + parts at cost plus)

     Bulbs, Lamps, Ballasts, Modules, Power Supplies & Additional Parts Guaranteed Only by Manufacturer Specific Warranties Where Applicable


Watchfire Signs // Five (5) year Parts + One (1) year Labor
     This is a manufacturer warranty passed on to the client. Standard labor and truck rates apply after expiration of One (1) year warranty.

Vinyl & Film Graphics ::

     Vinyl & Film Graphics are meant to degrade from the day they are manufactured. Below are standard expected lifespan durations.

Expected Life::
Intermediate/Calendared Vinyl Graphics :: Three (3) Years
High Performance/Cast Vinyl Graphics :: Five (5) – Seven (7) Years
Reflective Vinyl :: Three (3) Years
Translucent Vinyl :: Seven (7) Years
Banner :: Six (6) – Twelve (12) Months

     When tensioned securely, warranty is for twelve (12) months against cracking, excessive fading, or mildew staining to the extent that the sign face(s) become ineffective when viewed at a maximum viewing distance.

     Spot Color Graphics, or faces constructed of single color vinyl have an expected lifespan of five (5) years.

     Four Color Process Graphics, or faces printed with pigmented inks formulated to last against UV have an expected lifespan of two (2) years.

Non-Listed Items ::
      On any non-listed item, Adventure Signs LLC will only extend standard manufacturers warranties. No other warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied. This supersedes all verbal and written agreements.

Effective Date: Jan. 1, 2018 | Last Revised: Jan. 11, 2018